Christ Episcopal Church (Winnetka, IL)

Outside Chrit Episcopal Church in Winnetka, IL

Renovation of the Nave and undercroft, and complete reconstruction of the Chancel, of the 1903 William Otis-designed “Church on the Hill” on Sheridan Road in Winnetka, overlooking Lake Michigan.

Reconfiguration and expansion of the raised Chancel; repositioning the altar to bring the celebrant and choir closer to the congregation; construction and installation of moveable stepped platforms, choir seating and furniture to provide a flexible presentation space for intimate or large-group programs, presentations, and orchestral ensembles.

Interior of Chrit Episcopal Church in Winnetka, IL

Reconstruction of the original, ornate pulpit and lectern stands, installation of a new organ console, electronic controls and blower system, and installation of new state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems.

The Christ Church Restoration Won Multiple Awards from the Winnetka Landmark Preservation Commission, including:

  • New Construction Award
  • Preservation Award for Rehabilitation and Restoration
  • Timbered outside of Chrit Episcopal Church in Winnetka, IL

    Construction included a beautifully-designed and executed stone and timbered cloister in the gothic architectural style which serves as the interior connecting link from the church to the adjacent religious education/pastoral facility.

    The Church undercroft was completely renovated to accommodate the choir office, rehearsal rooms,two nurseries and religious education classrooms.

    Grand stair and arched opening in Chrit Episcopal Church in Winnetka, IL

    Adaptive reuse of the adjacent, three-story Howard Van Doren Shaw-designed building into additional religious education classrooms and reception facility with adjoining terraced bluestone patios overlooking a meadow and stone-fenced churchyard.

    Extensive interior and exterior renovation of the Oak Street Parish Center and Chapel, and installation of updated electrical, mechanical, accessibility and life/safety systems to accommodate existing church staff and pastoral functions, a counseling center and pre-school tenant.